YOnoBI love it. (ヨウノビ・ラヴ・イット) 伝統工芸とモダンデザインが出逢った、和モダンの雑貨ブランドが「YOnoBI」です。橋本夕紀夫氏や文田昭仁氏といったインテリアデザインの第一線で活躍するデザイナーが、日本全国の鉄器・陶磁器・漆器・木製品といった工芸品にモダンデザインのエッセンスを加えています。ショップ「YOnoBI love it.」では、このYOnoBIブランドの商品に加え、高岡や山形の鉄鋳物、美濃や波佐見、肥前吉田の陶磁器、山中や木曽、越前の漆器、飛騨や大館曲げわっぱの木製品など、モダンな伝統工芸品をセレクトした品揃えとなっています。 http://www.yonobi-love-it.tokyo YOnoBI is our original brand. The Japanese meaning of YOnoBI is beauty in practical objects made by craftsman. Japan is known for its wide variety of handicraft that has centuries of history. These crafts, such as porcelain, casting iron, Urushi lacquer ware, fabric dyeing, woodwork and more, can be seen all over the country and each of them is unique in its own way. YOnoBI is the brand where such fascinating Japanese crafts converge with cutting edge contemporary design to fit our modern lifestyle. YOnoBI offers a wide range of products collaborating with a variety of Japanese traditional crafts. Every product we offer is made by Japanese craftsman. http://www.yonobi-love-it.tokyo